Joshua Walker is the author of The Song of the Sleepers series. He was born in Sydney, Australia and was an avid reader from the age of five, when he first read The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien ‘all by himself’.

The gift of science fiction, fantasy, comics and nerd culture in general came from Josh’s dad, and namely, his white cupboard filled with old DC and Marvel gems. From a young age, Josh was reading through all the core stuff. His fantasy journey really began with the Star Wars expanded universe and David Eddings. 

When he was 14, he started writing a fantasy novel about a knight who would come to reclaim his people from a terrifying enemy. He finished this novel during his Liberal Arts degree, and spent rather too long convincing himself that it might be good. 

The obsession never left him, and he wrote another failed story about an anthropomorphic fox. Fast forward to 2019 and he’d finished another novel, which adapted his first fantastical idea, and actually was pretty good, though it still was not enough. He did, however, receive some brilliant rejections from various agents – and one in particular gave him the hope and drive to keep going. 

In 2023 he finished drafting An Exile of Water & Gold, his debut novel, as well as a novella to accompany it, named The Rest to the Gods. He got the idea from the central mystery at the heart of the first Toy Story movie, and his obsession with trees, symbiosis, and bioluminescence. 

Josh currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and BFD (Big Fluffy Dog). In between spending time with his family and friends, he sticks to a regimented writing routine, and is also a primary teacher. He also makes his own beer, and likes to think it’s pretty good.